About Custom Cycles LTD

We are located in Greensboro, N.C. and have been in business over 10 years. Custom Cycles LTD originally started as a sport bike shop limited to just selling parts. With the business of selling parts, we as a company were able to transition into customizing bikes; at which during this time the craze included the Hayabusa’s and GSXR’s being chromed, stretched and fat tire kits.

In more current times, the popularity of Big Wheel Bagger customizations have grown. Custom Cycles LTD has been at the front of this movement debuting two of the first four 32-inch Baggers at the V-twin Expo in 2014: a 2012 Street Glide and a 2013 Road Glide. We specialize in touring Harleys, such as the Street Glides, Road Glides, Road King and Ultra Classic. Our team has had the opportunity to build and customized bikes for customers throughout the U.S. and world. We have quality brand name performance parts ranging from aftermarket mirrors to everything you would need for a fully custom build.

Our goal here at Custom Cycles LTD is to build your dream bike. Regardless of that dream, involving building a big wheel show bike or just minor chrome upgrades, no matter how big or how small the need, the possibilities are endless with the resources and parts we offer. Not only is it important that you get the right parts, whether it is bags, fenders, handlebars, a stretched tank, or side fairs, but also that you get a top quality product. Your bike is an expression of yourself and a reflection of your personality and Custom Cycles LTD can satisfy all your needs.