Shipping Policy

We ship to domestic addresses only

Orders are shipped complete, which may affect the effective shipping date.
We try to keep shipping costs down, so if items will ship from our warehouses in North Carolina, we wait until everything is available, box it all up and ship it all together.

The term “day” refers to “business day”, since we can’t ship on weekends or holidays. Your order will ship from our warehouse(s) when the “slowest” item on the order becomes available. We may ship items from other locations in the meantime, such as when we fill part of an order with goods from one of our retail stores.

Your entire order must be shipped to one address only.

Customers are responsible for shipping fees on all returned items (unless, of course, we messed up the order!). There are additional charges for expedited return shipping options as well as the aforementioned oversized item fees.

Most orders are processed and shipped within two or three business days.

Occasionally, we need to obtain items from other locations to fill an order, but there is never a handling fee for this service. Unfortunately, this may delay the order’s shipment. If we can’t ship your order within six days, we’ll call and/or send an email with the expected ship date. Orders are not processed or shipped on holidays or weekends (because, like you, we’re out riding). Any items not shipped within thirty days may be cancelled (unless you instruct us otherwise). Orders must be placed by noon (Eastern Time) to give us a chance to get your item(s) out the door that same day.

Overnight orders must be placed by phone.

We want to make sure that everything goes smoothly with every order, but we understand that it’s most critical when you want your stuff overnight. To request Overnight shipping, please call us at 336-218-0766. We’ll check stock to confirm that items are immediately available and advise you of anything that could delay your shipment. Some items are not eligible for Overnight shipping – as you can imagine, the list includes tires, ramps and hazardous materials (chemicals), among others.

2-Day and Overnight shipping happens as soon as we have the item(s) in hand.

As mentioned above, orders must be placed by noon to give us a chance to get your item(s) out the door that same day. We might need to get your items from a vendor or one of our stores and your items will be shipped with the expedited service as soon as they arrive at one of our warehouses. Only business days count when calculating delivery time, so if you request 2-Day shipping and the order gets out the door on Friday, you’ll get it on Tuesday.

If you need delivery by a specific date, we strongly encourage you to call us at 336-218-0766 to place the order.
We can provide up-to-the-minute availability information and we’ll babysit the order to make sure you get what you need, when you need it.

Once placed, an order cannot be cancelled.